WoL monk: Sunwuko vs LoD comparison (s22 and non-season)

diablo20 - WoL monk: Sunwuko vs LoD comparison (s22 and non-season)

I made a comparison to help me choose a building. Please let me know if you disagree with my choice.

Sunwuko https://maxroll.gg/d3planner/672463121
LoD https://maxroll.gg/d3planner/572104619

First point by point, assuming perfect polling, Sunwuko versus LoD, then we combine :

  • Capacities: see references, but the only difference is that wind gusts – inland storm vs. cyclone – swell.
    • Inner Storm allows us to receive 8 souls per second, in addition to interacting with other effects.
    • Cyclone Strike has enemies, however, which forces us to put it on Bindings & Lefebvre’s effects, even if we don’t have to collect guys.
  • Chapter: Tzo Krin’s view of both.
  • Shoulders: Lefebvre v. Sunvuko
    • 38625 bullet heal vs 0.5 dmg debuffs
  • Chest: Sunwuko and dice against snails
    • 11% reduction in elite dmg and 7% reduction in missile dmg against 20% firing dmg.
  • Gloves: Sunwuko v. Magefist
    • 2 receiving spokes against 20% dmg of fire
  • Pants: Sanvuco vs. Swamp
    • 2 receiving spokes against 20% dmg of fire
  • Boots: Crimson vs. Crudest
    • 38625 Globe Heal against +4 spirits per second and +100 spirits per ally.
  • Belt: Crimson vs. Witch Watch.
    • 15% health and 516 armor against 7% melee and 50% critical damage effect
  • Breaker: Pinto vs.
  • Amulet: Sunwuko vs. FoT
    • 210 physical resistance to 8% CDR and 2x the duration of the pylon
  • Rings: CdE & Unity & in Dice RoRG vs CdE & Unity & in Dice Zodiac
  • The weapons: Kyoshiro and Vengeful Wind and Cubic Torch and Cubic Furious Blow vs. Kyoshiro and Furious Blow and Cubic Torch and Cubic Flying Dragon.
    • 1.05x dmg (10% per weapon) against 35% dmg beast and flying dragon (2x active)
  • Legendary Jewels: injured and captured for both Zay vs LoD.
    • Zey: at >40 yards (rounded to 50, apparently), +60% dmg at the 100 position / +80% at 150. +36% / +48% at 20-30 yards, etc. 20% chance of stun in 1 sec.
    • LoD: 98.5x dmg, 0.48x Mitigation
  • Sunwuko and Crimson bonus pack: 0.5x attenuation, ace, 196x dmg, 6000 lp, 20% CDR, 20% CPR, 1.6545x dmg (from CDR), 0.662x attenuation (from CPR)


First, let’s look at the difference in a few points.


  • 1.73x dmg plus Zey
  • 11% reduction in elite Dmg, 7% reduction in missile Dmg, 516 armor, 210 physical strength, 15% life span.
  • 13% CDR (with 20% = 8% + 13%), 20% CPR, 4 spirits/dry, 6000 lps, 4 radius, 77250 healing globe.
  • Said stunner, a tempting bait


  • 0.73x dmg attenuation (i.e. for every 100 dmg Sunwuko takes, PZ takes 73).
  • 60% dmg fire, 85% dmg beast, 7% yas, Flying Dragon yas.
  • 100 Spirits per Spell (11.9 second CD), Zodiac CDR
  • 2x the duration of the pylon, cyclonic impact

Some of these elements can easily be generalized; for example, a fire of +60% dmg is worth 2/1.4 times. We will consider Zei at both +40% and +80%. Flying Dragon seems to have a duration of 5-10 seconds and a probability of “about 4%”; I modeled this and discovered that it is in fact an attack speed multiplier of ~1.525. I think 2/3 reduction in elite dmg is just as good as any dmg reduction, and the melee and projectile are both equally important.

  • DPS: Sunwuko 1.01x with half-Sei, 1.30x with full-Sei
    • Dmg: Sunwuko 1.64x with half Zei, 2.11x with full Zei
    • APS: LoD 1.61x
    • Generous assumptions for LoD: assumption of a constant attacker => more efficient Flying Dragon (rotation when the buff is active => less efficient); assumption that all enemies hit by a Rabid clone in the last 5 seconds were Cyclone strikes (for a buff in parentheses); these things matter less the longer the fight.
    • Does not take into account the loss of workload due to the cyclone that hit the region.
  • Stiffness: LOD 1.04x
    • Softening: LoD 0.87x (contributes 1.15x to resistance)
    • Hp:Sunvuco 1.11x
  • CDR: LoD Zodiac vs Sunvuko 13%.
  • Resources :
    • Sunvuko: 4 spirit/sec and 20% CPR
    • LoD: Requires ~61% more, but receives 10 spirits per distribution (CD 11.9 sec, but reduced by Zodiac).
  • Sir:
    • Sunvuko: Said stun, irritant bait, 6000 lps, 4 radius catch, 77250 globes
    • LoD: 2x tower duration, Cyclone Punch effect

Not seasoned: Sunwuko loses 2x dmg due to rabies; LoD loses 1.525x PSA (but is therefore less resource intensive). The DPS equation becomes 0.77x with half a Zei and 0.99x with a full Zei.

Source: Original link

The WoL Monk post: a comparison of Sunwuko and LoD (s22 and off-season) for the Diablo 3 game.

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