What Games Have the Best Motorbike Mechanics? –

Motorcycles in Games: What Games Have the Best Motorbike Mechanics?

Motorcycles in games: which games have the best motorcycle mechanics?

Racing games are hard. While there are a number of racing games, there are not many motorcycle racing games to play – many more great motorcycle games. It’s hard to tell when you know how great motorcycle racing can be in the real world. Fortunately, racing game developers have created some pretty exciting motorcycle games over the years, some of which really stand out from the rest. If you want to try some of these games, here are some of the best motorcycle games out there:

  • MX vs ATV All Out lets you live out your motocross fantasies. If you have ever tried off-road racing, you must try MX vs ATV All Out. In addition to the campaign mode, you can choose from several game modes, as well as a training mode for your convenience. The game itself is focused on technical racing, with an emphasis on performing stunts. If you’ve always wanted to try motocross, this game can give you the incentive you need to buy a motorcycle.
    • Players can choose from several game modes in MX vs ATV All Out, including Tag, Waypoint, Opencross and Supercross. In addition, there is a “Nationals” mode that acts as a campaign mode in which you pursue a championship. The Freestyle mode allows you to try out new vehicles and practice tricks.
    • Another interesting addition to the game are the many customization options. In the game you can equip your vehicle with upgrades and customize it with a variety of aesthetic options. Moreover, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of vehicles from 80 motocross companies.
  • MotoGP 17 gives you the chance to step into the shoes of a professional driver. There are many racing games where you can get an idea of what it’s like to be a professional driver. MotoGP 17 reinforces this principle by letting you see things from the perspective of a professional driver. Like in the NBA 2K series, MotoGP lets you race as a member of a professional team – and like other motocross games, MotoGP offers a wide range of options for customizing the bike. What MotoGP excels at is not only its unique customization, but also its fairly realistic controls.
    • In this MotoGP game, you can become both a rider and a team manager, so you can play both as a rider and as a team. This dream can become a reality for many professional racing fans, as your entire racing team will be managing you in the future.
    • In addition, MotoGP 17 offers superior graphics and sound that take racing to a new level. Many gamers consider MotoGP 17 one of the most authentic and realistic professional racing games of all time, thanks to these controls. The bike is stylish and easy to maneuver, but also technical enough to require a bit of planning at high speed. It offers enough excitement and challenges for players to compete against each other.
  • SuperBike TT brings motorcycle racing into virtual reality. If you have an Oculus Rift or are considering buying one, we highly recommend you try SuperBike TT. It is a motorcycle game that brings the experience of motorcycle racing to virtual reality. While first-person racing is nothing new for players of this genre, SuperBike TT uses VR to immerse you in an incredibly realistic environment.
    • If this is your first time playing a VR racing game, you might be surprised how realistic SuperBike TT is. It’s the closest thing to a real motorcycle race, especially considering how difficult it is to make sharp turns on the track. And thanks to the RV, your heart will leap when you narrowly miss hitting your opponents’ car or missing a turn.
    • The game takes full advantage of the RV capabilities of the Rift, making it easy to master the controls while having the mechanical feel of riding a real motorcycle. This is impressive when you consider that it can be very difficult to control a motorcycle at 200 mph. The game gives you almost the same level of difficulty, but still lets you have fun with full control of your car at these speeds.
    • SuperBike TT adds tremendous depth to motorcycle racing games, especially when compared to their console, PC and even online counterparts. Advances in graphics allow developers to create free online racing games with realistic physics, but games like Drift Hunters, VR and motorcycle racing take it all to a new level.
  • MotorStorm: Apocalypse lifts your excitement level to 100 Many players may not have even heard of MotorStorm: Apocalypse, but runners would probably give it a try. Although this is a PS3 release, Apocalypse has changed its genre by removing the emphasis on the racing aspect of the game. Instead, they have focused on the environmental effects – in this case the end of the world – that actually occur during the game. This is a thrill in almost any game, as there is no way to know when tornadoes or earthquakes will occur while you are running to the finish line.
    • MotorStorm: Apocalypse is not just a motorcycle race, but a lot of motorcycles in this exciting city race. You can use different all-terrain vehicles in this game to escape the apocalypse, but the idea that motorcycles can appear extremely “vulnerable” in this game makes it even more exciting. So imagine racing on 40 tracks, but at the same time you have to avoid all possible disasters before the race.
    • Despite the wide range of off-road bikes, the handling of their bikes is truly excellent. They are easy to ride and sit well in the hand, which makes bike control even more enjoyable. It is not very “realistic” for other games – but then again, it is a game where a tornado occurs every few seconds.
  • Grand Theft Auto Online has a motorcycle DLC that brings the open and dynamic world to life. Many gamers find Rockstar Games’ gem very appealing for several reasons. Being a gangster in the GTA franchise allows players to pull off all sorts of awesome stunts and other shenanigans in a vibrant, breathing world. So when the Bikers update and the Lost and Damned DLC come out for GTA Online, motorcycle fans will finally have the chance to step into the spotlight. Drivers already love GTA for its wild racing mechanics. When the motorcycle DLC came out, players were amazed at how much GTA has improved the mechanics of its bikes. And it has an interesting story to tell.
    • Even in its first version, GTA offers a wide variety of vehicles, with the bicycle being the main mode of transportation. Although GTA’s bike models do not exist in the real world, they offer a variety of speeds, handling characteristics and looks. Overall, biking in GTA is a lot of fun because it’s not that difficult. Not to mention that bike chases can be wild.
    • The Bikers update for GTA Online offers players the choice of a large number of motorcycles and unique tracks to test them on. Most interestingly, they have greatly improved the handling of the bikes and made them even more technically advanced. Motorcycles now feel much heavier, but are much easier to control as if you were riding a motorcycle from a real motorcycle game.
    • Another highlight of the DLC Lost and the Damned is the unique story that fits the theme of the engine. In this DLC GTA Online, players can get to know Johnny Klebitz, the leader of the gang, and discover the story of his life. This, combined with improved mechanics and a wider selection of motorcycles, can really make you feel like you’re part of the story.

Best Motorcycle Games: Thriller, Simulation, Customization

If you look at the examples above, you will notice that all these games have something in common. To us, they are all great motorcycle games – because they contain all the basic elements that make motorcycle games not only realistic, but also fun for the players. These games are addictive and drive some riders to rush into professional motorcycle racing. They are also realistic simulation games that give you the technical complexity you need to “feel” victory as you conquer the tracks. Finally, these games also offer a wide range of customization options to make each game and experience as unique as possible.

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