The best Ability Card combos in Red Dead Online

Ability maps are the backbone of Red Dead Online, and there are many combinations to create your perfect play style. If you play in a group, you can support your team by healing, increasing damage and receiving boost bonuses. By playing solo, you can increase the power of your DPS or transform your character into a tank that can withstand any attack. You can switch between (PvP) and (PvE) parameters, or select one of both. The OSR switch has a lot of details about each card and offers them.

Each player may have up to four skill cards. Different maps are unlocked at different levels, and each map can be upgraded twice to improve performance. There are two types of cards: active and passive. Each player receives one active and three passive cards. The active card modifies the effect of a player’s Dead Eye ability. Passive cards support the player and, if stacked properly, work in conjunction with the chosen Dead Eye skill.

There are three types of passive cards: Combat, leisure and defense. Just because you have three slots and three cards doesn’t mean you have to have one of each kind. Depending on the play style you prefer, you may need three variations of the same type, or you can mix and match them. Some of the best combinations you get when you use multiple cards of the same category. Battle cards increase your damage with certain weapons or conditions. Recovery cards improve the health, stamina, or recovery of your Dead Eye. Defensive cards reduce damage on arrival under certain conditions.

Best combos for PvE

Everyone should be playing PvE in Red Dead Online. So, even if you prefer PvP, you should always have a preferred PvE setting for bonuses, moonlight events or merchant deliveries. Players who prefer PvE will need to focus on crowd control and survivability. Audience control is especially important when playing without a band. It’s easy to get run over by enemy NPCs if you don’t have a group to back you up. You will see many games with combinations. There are some very good cards and some not so good cards. As a result, we choose from almost the same pool.

Black lacquer: Concessionaire compensation

Screenshot via Rockstar

  • Dead eye: Paint it black.
  • Best liabilities: Strange drugs, iron lung, cheating on me once.
  • Alternative Liabilities : Peak State, Twinkle Eye, Kick Ass, Fool Me Once…

Paint it Black is a PvE map focused on high damage. Most players think of PvP when they talk about it. She’s strong in this environment, but nothing controls a crowd like Paint in Black. With this Dead Eye card, you can quickly get rid of your pursuers and get away with your life. Paint it Black is a Dead Eye skill in Red Dead Redemption 2’s story mode. It is a familiar map to those who have played the story mode. Dead Eye paints an enemy with a small X, and when shooting, one bullet is fired for each painted enemy. It is a high explosive board that can be used to overload an NPC.

If you want even more damage, connect them to the peak state. If you want a better chance of survival, use the iron lung. The peak condition increases the damage according to your endurance. Iron lung reduces the damage according to your endurance.

Eye for eye or eye for eye surgery can expand the possibilities of the Dead Eye for emergency surgery. Foreign medications are always a strong card, even if they hinder the overall regeneration of your health. So it is useful to have equipment. Fool Me Once is also useful for fighting a large group of NPC enemies.

Slow and steady: Tank

Screenshot via Rockstar

  • Dead eye: Slow and steady.
  • Best liabilities: Fool me once, Strange Medicine, Iron Lung…
  • Alternative Liabilities : An eye for an eye, a smack in the arse, a blink, cold blood…

Slow and Steady is a strong PvP or PvE card. You can use the same setting in both situations or change it slightly. In PvE, Slow and Steady can help you minimize damage. Combine it with Fool Me Once, Iron Lung and Strange Medicine. If you like, remove Fool Me Once or Iron Lung and add Cold Blooded. Cold Blooded increases the regeneration rate of your life after killing an enemy, and goes very well with Strange Medicine. It’s not great in PvP, but it’s great in PvE when the enemies have a lower survival rate than the players.

Focal lamp: Acceleration of damage

Screenshot via Rockstar

  • Dead eye: Focus fire
  • Best liabilities: Steel lung, foreign drug, shooter’s choice…
  • Alternative Liabilities : Fool me once, and win a series of victories.

The next two, Focus Fire and Quite an Inspiration, are for players who have a group available. Focus Fire is for those who like to play as a team and always play a supporting role. This increases damage to all teammates when your dead eye is active.

Combine this card with Gunslinger’s Choice or Winning Streak to improve your own damage. Iron Lung helps you take a few extra shots, and Strange Medicine restores your health when you hit targets.

Since this card assumes you’re playing in a group, you can also add strength in numbers, reducing the damage you inflict on each close ally.

Inspiration: Healer

Screenshot via Rockstar

  • Dead eye: Inspiration
  • Best liabilities: Strange drugs, iron lungs, strength in numbers.
  • Alternative Liabilities : Eyes blinking, ass kicking, pain in the side.

Like Focus Fire, very inspiring for those who play in a band and like to support their team. While in the Dead Eye, you and your allies recover. It doesn’t stack, so only one person in the group needs to use it.

Focus on recovery and survival in this workload. You’re a healer and you should still be alive. They are particularly important in legendary premiums, where only a limited number of deaths are allowed. Combine it with Strange Medicine to regain your health and keep you alive in battle, Iron Lung to increase your tanking skill, and either Strength in Numbers to increase your damage or Blind Eye to maintain your Blind Eye skill.

This card is less useful, but you can also try the Take the Pain Away card if you really want to be a designated healer. When you resuscitate a person, you and that person suffer less damage for a period of time. Since players don’t always come down and sometimes die, this card has little use. It can still be useful in the context of legendary bonuses or similar events.


Screenshot via Rockstar

  • Dead eye: Someone
  • Best liabilities: Ride like the Wind, Rider, Friends for life

This system will only work in PvE and possibly for the race fan. Dedicated PvP sessions, with the exception of races, will not engage your horse in a significant way to give it value. Those who have spontaneous fights in Free Roam usually kill the opponent’s horse to prevent him from changing weapons.

This combination is not built around a Dead Eye card. Instead, it builds up around your horse. Start with your passives, you want a jumper that increases the damage you do when setting up. Your second card must turn like the wind. Every time you take or inflict damage, a portion of this number is added to your horse’s health and stamina. I mean, your latest passivity should be Friends Forever. You and your horse will suffer less damage when ridden.

The map of the Dead Eye is at your disposal. With this setting, almost all maps will work. If you like to step on enemies, you should tackle Slippery Bastard to increase your speed and avoid damage. If you want to support, Focus Fire or Quite An Inspiration will help you and your allies. As good as Slow and Calm is, you can’t run, which can limit your driving ability. The momentum of recovery allows you to heal as long as you are not harmed. Paint it black and you have control over the amount.

Best combos for PVP

Fighting other players is technically optional – you don’t have to play Showdown. But it’s still a potentially fun part of the game. Sometimes other Free Roma players are responsible for this. Their PvP combos often translate well into PvE.

Black lacquer: Gross DPS

Screenshot via Rockstar

  • Dead eye: Paint it black.
  • Best liabilities: Choice of shooter, iron lung, foreign drugs…
  • Alternative Liabilities : Sagittarius, put me in once, never without again.

Paint it Black has a very bad reputation in PvP. It is considered a crutch for those who can’t aim, and is a solution for players who have trouble aiming. But because it reduces the decoration of the vessel, it is generally a very good option. It’s one of the base cards, along with A Moment to Rest and Focus Fire, and for good reason. That’s all I’m saying. Actually, it’s a little too good because it can help target players.

Paint it Black is a good card for raw DPS output. However, it does not work with Scope. If you switch to PvP mode with a sniper, don’t expect Paint it Black to do the work for you.

If you want to do damage, Catastrophism goes hand in hand with Gunslinger’s Choice or Sharpshooter. If you want to fight up close, choose Shooter’s Choice. If you prefer snipers, use Sharpshooter to aim. Winning Streak increases damage with each successive shot at the same target. Add iron lungs for better health. Fool Me Once reduces the damage on arrival. If you always wear a hat, the Never Without a Hat program will eventually protect you from a head butt, but it will increase the damage you incur without a hat.

Slippery Bastard: Close Combat Specialist

Screenshot via Rockstar

  • Dead eye: Slippery bastard.
  • Best liabilities: Fool me once, Strange Medicine, Iron Lung…
  • Alternative Liabilities : An eye for an eye, an eye for an eye, a punch in the ass, never without.

Slippery bastard forces the user to deliver harder blows. The balls literally bend around your head. Compromise will greatly reduce accuracy on your part, and your dead eye will run out very quickly. Use it when you want to go from cover to cover or reduce the distance between you and the target. Throwing weapons and arrows does not affect accuracy. Shotguns are also very effective because their blooms are not affected.

Combine it with Iron Lung for extra resistance to damage and Strange Medicine to restore some of your free-fall health. To restore the dead eye, you can use a bump in the buttock, eye to eye, or blink. You can also use Gunslinger’s Choice, Winning Streak or, more rarely, The Short Game. The latter is best combined with Gunslinger’s Choice or Winning Streak and is not that valuable on its own.

Slow and steady: Defensive tank

Screenshot via Rockstar

  • Dead eye: Slow and steady.
  • Best liabilities: Steel lung, weird drug, cheat on me once.
  • Alternative Liabilities : An eye for an eye, winning streak, Sniper or Gunner of choice, Ass kicking, Eye for an eye.

Don’t be aggressive with this build – it’s strictly reserved for someone who wants to enjoy slow motion gaming and run their course. It’s for the player who wants to be left alone, but is constantly harassed by other trigger-sick players and wants to defend himself. It depends on players having an active defensive mode. If you shoot first, you will be thrown out of defense mode and lose some of the defense of this building. Without defensive mode, you can still enjoy the health benefits, but with the slowing effect, you can be an easy target. Defensive mode also doesn’t work in specific PvP game modes.

Slow and steady is good here for the same reason it’s good in PvE – you do very little damage. Protection mode reduces incoming damage and prevents jamming, eliminating the need for black paint. Slow and steady further reduces damage and prevents instant death from head shots when the card is active.

Good passives to associate with this defensive tank are Iron Lung and Fool Me Once, both of which reduce damage on arrival. Iron lung increases endurance regeneration and reduces incoming damage depending on endurance. Fool Me Once reduces the damage with each additional shot. The effect ends after 10 seconds without doing any damage.

The third card may be different. For dead eye oriented drawings, check out Eye to Eye, Butt Stab or Flickering Eye. Each of them extends the duration of the dead eye according to your powers. If you’re good at shooting, go eye for an eye. If your target is not large, choose Ass Kick or Flashing Eye.

Foreign Medicine has one of the best track records in rehabilitation. For every damage you take, you regenerate your health. For the damage caused: A series of victories is the best option for generals. If you know you prefer snipers, use the sniper. If you prefer to serve two sides, use Gunslinger’s Choice.

frequently asked questions

What is the best feature of the Dead Eye?

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How to use the e-Competency Cards in RTD2

To access the skill cards and assign them to a character, simply go to the pause menu, or use the weapon wheel and press Triangle / Y to assign the cards during the game. While not all ability cards are immediately available, you can unlock them once you reach the required rank.

Is the shooter’s choice wise?

Gunslinger’s Choice is a good choice for those who take damage like Winning Streak and for those with impressive accuracy. My friend told me it looked like I was shooting a machine gun as I climbed the mountain. Blackwater fought back.

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