Repair Spotify Desktop App is Not Responding on Windows 10

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Spotify, a provider of music and multimedia streaming services, is available in most countries in Europe and the Americas, New Zealand, Australia and certain countries in Africa and Asia. It is very popular all over the world.

It is also supported by most modern devices including Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android smartphones.

According to the report, many Windows users received an error message that the Spotify application was unresponsive when they tried to launch Spotify. Here are some solutions to this problem. If you are facing the same problem, you can try to solve it piece by piece.

Restart the computer

Before you roll your eyes or laugh at us, take a break. While restarting your computer may seem like a simple task, don’t rule it out. Sometimes the simplest solution is the only solution. So restart your computer and click on the green Spotify icon to see if it works. If your Spotify app doesn’t load despite the reboot, there are a few more steps you can take before you really reach the point of no return!

Check your firewall

These days, almost anything can be done at the touch of a button on our desktop computer or smartphone. But this immense power also conceals dangers: Viruses, malware, etc. D. The answer to these threats, of course, is firewalls and antivirus software. Allows you to safely browse and download files while protecting your system and personal data.

However, sometimes our firewalls and antivirus software can overprotect our systems. In these cases, they just don’t distinguish between safe and more dangerous programs. In this particular case, your firewall or anti-virus software may be preventing your Spotify application from responding. Fortunately, this problem is easy to solve.

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Just enter the settings of your firewall or antivirus software. No matter what software you have, they all allow you to block or unblock certain programs. Simply unlock Spotify or add it to your list of allowed applications. Then click on the Spotify icon and check if the Spotify application has been downloaded. If it works, good for you! You can return to the list of Discover weekly readings. If it doesn’t work, don’t worry. We still have a few tricks up our sleeves!

Close a task in Task Manager.

In some cases, your system may be bothered by applications that use too many PC resources. You can disable Spotify and other useless applications by using the task manager to restart Spotify.

1) Simultaneously press Ctrl + Shift + Esc on the keyboard to open Task Manager.

2) Tap on Spotify, then tap on End Task. If you have more than one entry, click on all listed tasks.

Open Spotify again to see if the problem is resolved. If so, great! Otherwise, don’t worry, you can try different solutions.

Disconnecting from the Internet

In some cases, turning off Wi-Fi and unplugging the Ethernet cable before starting Spotify may also work and prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Just disconnect your internet connection and try to run the application. If you start Spotify, log back in and check for errors!

If the problem does not disappear, you can proceed to the following solution.

Reinstalling the Spotify application

Still can’t seem to fix the Spotify app when it’s not responding? The program may be damaged or the file may be missing. This is especially true if there is a problem opening the program. You will need to reinstall a clean version of Spotify.

1. Open Start and type Control Panel.

2. Click Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features.

3. Right click on Spotify and select Uninstaller.

4. Go to the Spotify download page and follow the on-screen instructions to download and reinstall.

Switching to a different music player

As an online music streaming platform, Spotify relies heavily on flawless network performance. You can download songs from Spotify by purchasing a premium subscription. However, you will need to log in again to make sure you are an active subscriber.

If a network problem affects authentication from the Spotify server, some exceptions will occur.

If you don’t want to deal with this problem when Spotify doesn’t open or run, it’s better to disregard Spotify and switch to other music players like Windows Media Player, VLC Player, etc.

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One of the reasons why Spotify is not responding to the problem could be that the Spotify files are broken. You’ll need to reinstall Spotify completely to make sure the problem is fixed: … 2) Right click on the Spotify folder and then click Delete. 3) Go to the Spotify website to download the latest version of Spotify and reinstall it.

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