Pumpkin Days – Game is Crashing

Pumpkin Days Crashes – This guide will show you how to fix Pumpkin Days crashes.

How to solve the problem of the accident in the days of the pumpkin

Pumpkin Days is finally out of Early Access, which means players can now enjoy the complete experience of a lifetime. But the problem is that the game, while less demanding to play, leaves many users on the sidelines.


Step 1 : First open your task manager and see if your computer can run the game or not. If the CPU or memory usage exceeds 90%, the game crashes or crashes. In this case, you should discard the game settings or close other programs to free up memory. If this doesn’t work, your computer probably doesn’t meet the minimum requirements to run the game, and there’s nothing you can do but buy better hardware for your installation.

Step 2 : If you are sure that your computer is not the cause, you can check the drivers. Make sure they are up to date, otherwise you may have problems with your gambling.

Step 3 : After trying steps 1 and 2, check that your anti-virus software is not preventing the game from starting. Right-click and start the game as administrator as a precaution.

Step 4 : If, for any reason, a recent update has disrupted or ruined something in your current game. You can go back to an earlier version of the game. You can access older versions by right clicking on the game in the Steam>Properties>Beta library. Sometimes these idiots don’t want to be loaded. If you don’t see them, try exiting Steam altogether and reopening it to see if they eventually load.

Error correction video driver

The error Video driver crashed occurs when your computer tries to start a game due to low power consumption of your graphics card. This is very common in laptops and desktops that use a built-in graphics card instead of a dedicated card.

If you get this error message before starting a new game. Navigate to Settings in the main menu and turn off graphic settings. If you disable these settings, the textures may look strange in some places and some of the game’s effects, such as rain and light, may be lost. If this doesn’t work, your computer’s specifications are too low to run the game.

Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Installation error

Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 is required to run Pumpkin Days. If you already have a Visual Studio 2017 distribution file, it is likely that this is blocking the Visual Studio 2015 distribution file.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have installed a redistribution of Visual Studio 2017, but the application you are trying to install does not recognize it and refuses to install it, you should search for redistributions of Visual Studio 2017 and remove them, install Visual Studio 2015, and finally reinstall Visual Studio 2017.

Do accidents occur during the execution of a certain action or at a certain time? So it’s probably a problem on the developer’s side. In this case, please inform them by going to the Bug Reporting section of their Discord channel or by reporting bugs on the Pumpkin Days Steam Discussions page. The developers will try to fix the problems and in rare cases they may have time to send you a working version of the saved game so you can continue playing.

frequently asked questions

What should I do if my game keeps collapsing?

What to do if a PC game fails?

Why is my game collapsing like this?

If your available memory (RAM) is less than 1 GB before starting the game, the small amount of memory (RAM) may cause the game to crash. Running multiple programs at once on your computer consumes a lot of resources and can cause the game to crash or freeze.

How can I prevent Steam from shutting down the game?

| Steam keeps crashing, quick and easy! – Easy driver

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