How to unlock the Partied Out achievement/trophy in Hitman 3

On Hitman 3’s Berlin level, Agent 47 must eliminate a group of CIA agents who are pursuing him. If we take them out, we send a message to the CIA to get rid of them. There are a total of ten agents you can eliminate, killing at least five of them. These types are scattered all over the map and offer different ways of destruction. You will need your usual skills of infiltrating enemy areas to succeed and achieve the achievement called Partied Out.

In this secret act, Tremaine is described as being involved in a gun accident, the Thames being hit by a crane and Montgomery & Banner setting fire to the club. All three murders can be done at once, which we’ll show you, but you don’t have to do it again if you’ve already done it once. Just skip it and move on to the next kill. How to unlock the hilarious realization/trophy in Hitman 3.

Before you start, we suggest you play as soon as you complete the level. When you’re done, you’ll automatically see all the goals in the field every time you come back, making your job much easier. We will use the basic plan set up at the entrance to the clubhouse for this race, we will only use coins and fiber wire as starting materials.

Thames was hit by acrane.

Once you have control of the 47, walk behind the line of people going to the club. You can see the crane we need on the Thames. This is a restricted area, so run to the far right and climb the wall. If you want, you can try to disguise yourself, but don’t arouse suspicion. We need the Thames to stay on its normal course.


Go past the people using the red bar on the left.  Across the street you will see a large trash can next to the graffiti wall. You want to get in there. Between the wall and the bin is a yellow bin with a safe that needs to be grabbed.


Sneak behind the crane with the safety cell in your hand and put the safety cell in the box. A light from the crane makes the Thames investigate. As soon as the lights come on, go up the stairs. React with the switch at the top to drop the crane on the Thames and execute the first part of this achievement.


Tremaine had an accident with arifle…

Now we have to sneak into the sniper’s nest on the map. Once you have opened the basement door panel for motorcyclists, it is very easy to access. Otherwise, you have to crawl into the biker hole and climb up to the second floor.

There are two guards here and Tremaine. They want to impress everyone. You can kill the guards if you want, but don’t kill Tremaine yet. Knock him down, put the gun on the rack and look out the window. Aim for his head and pull the trigger to complete this challenge. Before you go, grab a biker disguise for the next game.

Montgomery and Banner Rock theClub

From the sniper’s nest, go back to the stairs with a shortcut to the basement of the bikers. Go to the lower level and pass the two engine guards. To the right, a large black screen indicates Club Hall. Go get it and get the screwdriver out of the freezer. Be careful, this place is on the road to Montgomery and if he gets too close, he’ll start shooting at you.

On the right and at the end of the corridor, where you have a screwdriver, is Banner, two technicians, and the chest you need to forge. Just in case, set up a storage unit here and then sabotage the box. You need banners to stay where he is looking over the railing, and sometimes the technicians will see you and get suspicious. If this happens, run away for a while and wait for the CIA agent to return to his gates.

You must now go to the lowest floor (-2) and find the DJ talking to the two technicians. Close the door where you came in and cover the DJ. There are several ways to solve this problem; just don’t miss any and alert security.


Enter the DJ booth with the DJ disguise next to the band you just left. Stand in front of the DJ and give him the green light to take over the gig. He will talk to 47 people about how these devices work. Tap Hype Up Light Show and wait for Montgomery to approach the driveway next to Banner. Once there, press the Climax overload button and the bridge they are standing on will be electrified and will light up, completing the challenge and triggering the completion/trophy.

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