How to buy btc with paypal

Many payment systems allow you to buy Bitcoins directly, without an intermediary. However, such a transaction through PayPal is problematic – cryptosellers simply don’t want to risk encountering scammers who use the refund option to get Bitcoins and get their money back.

However, there are ways to buy cryptocurrency with cash from your PayPal account through exchanges. Think of the site that can do it with the least loss and a high degree of reliability.

VirWox Registration virtual exchange

The VirWox Virtual Currency Exchange is one of the most reliable ways to buy Bitcoins through PayPal. Moreover, it is easy to transfer the resulting cryptocurrency to a Bitcoin wallet. For example, trade 1 btc for ethn. The work begins with registration at the fair.


To start buying Bitcoins, you must first fund your account with the VirWox Exchange. To do this, they use funds held in PayPal. To do this, look for the category My Account in the menu on the left side of the page. Here they select the title Deposit. Then enter the amount to be deposited and the desired currency. The transfer limit depends on the account level and transaction history. The following country-specific currency units are available for replenishment

  •     Euro – a deposit of up to 90 Euro is possible immediately after registration;
  •     The US dollar is the upper limit of $108;
  •     Swiss francs – the limit for beginners is 99 francs;
  •     GBP – the first limit at GBP 81.

You should also note that a fee of EUR 0.35 + 3.4% of the deposit amount is charged for deposits in Euro. For other currencies this process costs 2% – this should be taken into account when making the transfer. The money from PayPal is immediately deposited into your account.

To transfer the money, click on Checkout via PayPal.

Next, a transfer form from PayPal to the exchanger’s account will appear on the screen. It also indicates the amount and the currency conversion rate. To make the transfer, click on the Pay Now button.

How to buy bitcoin on an exchange

Once your balance is full, you can start buying Bitcoins. This is a two-step process, since it is not possible to exchange national banknotes (dollars, euros, etc.) directly into cryptocurrency. To do this, you need to do an intermediate step: Buy SSL. BTC can only be exchanged with this virtual token.

Therefore, select the correct pair in the trading area. For example, USD / SSL if the account was first deposited in dollars.

On the exchange page, indicate in the blank box how many US dollars you wish to purchase with SSL.

On the updated page, click the Place Order button to confirm the process. The fee for this transaction is 50 SSL plus 2.9%.

You then return to the exchange menu and select the CTB / SSL pair this time.

They repeat the trading process, but this time they specify how much Bitcoin they want to buy. And click the Next button.

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