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Some people play The Sims for the glitz and glamour. Others live and breathe for family games. And then there are those who like to do things a little…. different.

For a game whose main selling point is that you can build and customize your own home, there are a lot of mods and custom content for the homeless.

And I have to admit that many of them are pretty impressive.

Just like in real life, Sims fights when he doesn’t have the luxury of modern conveniences. You can’t just jump in the shower. Eating is not as simple as grabbing something from the fridge. And the day may not end with your Sim curled up in bed.

These challenges are something that many mimes explore, and you can take them on at your leisure with this collection of TS4 mod & CCs.

15. Begging for money Mod

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First of all: If you have a homeless simulator, you probably need a few simoleons here and there anyway.

This mome89x mod will choose the right path for you and allow you to rely on the generosity of other sims to build the foundations.

This is a game changer for me. When you start something like Rags to Riches, it’s pretty much the same thing.

You grow and sell vegetables, travel the world in search of collectibles or fish for a living.

Well, not anymore.

Begging for money certainly adds a certain realism to your Sim’s story (however unfortunate).

14. Cardboard Shrine

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There are many ways to silence your homeless sims.

But I think this cardboard box from omysim404 is the best.

It almost seems too good, especially for the conversion of the roster from Sims 3 to Sims 4.

And it fits the style of the play with Simlish writing. At first glance, I thought it was a repainted part of the box.

Like most items on this list, the box can be placed directly into your Sim’s inventory, making it easier to go where the wind blows when you’re tired of hanging out at the same party.

13. Sludge lining

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A little dirt never hurt anybody, right?

Sometimes cleanliness isn’t a priority or an option, and you want your Sims to show it.

Ultimately, the game will always ruin your sim if you don’t respect its hygiene, but the creator of Nixel has designed it so that you can get that look right away.

12. Portable (and functional) bucket

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Remember when I said I was impressed with some of these designs?

Yeah, he’s one of them.

A portable and functional bucket? How do you know… What? ! How?

Serion seems to have done this with archaeologists and tourists in mind, but in reality it makes the game of homeless sims a hundred times easier.

You can use this bucket to brush your teeth, do the dishes and even do your laundry.

Boom, half the barriers to unconventional gambling just disappeared.

11. Kindergarten and pet washbasin

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If your homeless simulator has young children, in the form of little people or furry creatures, it can now keep them clean without taking a bath.

I remember being disappointed that I couldn’t do it with the bathtub that came with the washing machines. I don’t know if people actually bathe their babies, but it’s really cute.

Fortunately, the dogs don’t stay here either!

You probably shouldn’t use the same water for both.

Or at least give the baby a bath first. It’s just doing the right thing.

10. Camping Kit

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To add a little realism to your homeless simulator setup, you need this camping kit from Soloria.

These items, while not functional, are nothing like what you can find in the game.

The pot is particularly beautiful in my opinion.

9. Clothing for homeless women

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I know I’m not the only one who thinks game clothes are too cute sometimes.

If your Simca is rude, it doesn’t make sense that her clothes are spotless. This dress and sweater from MaiaMadness give it a rather grungy look, with spots and stains spreading.

There are also ripped jeans with dirty knees and worn out boots to complete the look.

8. Dirty Hoodie

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Given the fashion, this dirty sweatshirt from Matu… Well, dirty.

A little green, actually. You can’t remove stains.

I think it’s telling that this game was made just two months after its release. They really like your stories about running away and the dishwasher.

It goes well with the above clothing as your Sim enters the cold season.

7. Sleeping bag

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That, if you ask me, was sorely lacking in Sims 4. Oh, you didn’t ask? Um… I suddenly can’t read.

Pikipikachu offers another sleep option as old as time (well, not really)….

A reliable sleeping bag.

This is an improvement over the cardboard CC Shelter box and is much nicer, as it evokes memories of sleepovers and camping from previous games.

It is intended for children and adults. Give everyone a sleeping bag!

6. Survival disorder

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You want to survive? You must be in pretty bad shape.

Is it weird that it made me nostalgic? It’s just… a jar, some glasses and a flashlight. Anyone who has grown up in a region where the weather is harsh will understand.

Even if your Sim doesn’t have to worry about these things, almost everything in this set will suit her. Personally, I love any box or chest in my game, and you get both from Brazenlotus, along with a few other accessories that just make sense.

The only thing that might be a little inappropriate is a gas mask. Either way, use your imagination!

The rest is too good to pass up.

5. Functional cartons

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So simple and yet so rich in possibilities.

Do we need to balance excitement and organization, or free up some of the Sims’ reserves?

These functional cardboard boxes from the manufacturer of CC Arch give your established sims a place to store their stuff.

Use as much as you like to decorate your homeless Sim’s living space. Maybe you can even build a fort out of boxes. That would be great!

4. Gifted children Mod

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The fact that baby Sims can’t make their own meals is irritating at best. Beware of petty profiteers who pretend they can’t use the stove!

We all get burned sometimes, it doesn’t matter!

What’s that? Can Sims kids start a fire while doing laundry, but not cook? Ugh.

Anyway… The fact is, for these homeless sims, independence is an absolute necessity. Even the little ones will have to shoot.

With this great zulf12 mod, they can do exactly that, from cooking to gardening to repairs.

I mean, come on. It’s like they can smell it.

3. Wild Grass Toilet

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If you have to go, you have to go.

And it’s not always easy for your homeless simulator.

I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found this. The wild grass toilet is just the Holy Grail based on CC’s needs.

It seems that every time my sim goes outside, her bladder needs to be discharged and there is never a toilet nearby.

I think I hung them all over Willow Creek for simplicity.

2. Trash can bench

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Just because a couch is stained and taped and the upholstery falls off doesn’t mean it’s really ripe for the trash?

No. No.

This inexpensive CC sofa is always a great piece of furniture for your Sims, especially for those who can’t afford the luxury leather sofas.

Who wants a leather sofa? Your feet will stick to it. It won’t be a problem!

1. Homeless Cap Kit

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No matter what circumstances your Sim finds themselves in, I’m sure they want the best for their furry friends.

Like The Sims themselves, cats and dogs have needs that you want to satisfy.

And it can be difficult if they don’t live in the house.

Well, not anymore.

Again, the UGC community mobilized and pushed TS4 even further.

This CC set includes several cardboard boxes for pets, as well as cardboard litter, a bed, and cans of food trays.

It sounds sad, but I think it’s a plus if you’re reading this article.

In all cases, your homeless pets and sims will be taken care of. And that’s what’s important here.

frequently asked questions

What is fashionable clothing?

The fashionable or modern subculture became popular in London, England in the 1960s. … Dressing fashionably means wearing elegant and appropriate clothing, with bright prints, bold colors, in black and white.

Is the glue real?

Most complaints relate to the quality of the clothing and the delivery of Modklet. … Many of you will be asking yourselves this question: Is Modcloth legal? Yes, Modcloth is a legitimate women’s clothing site that specializes in offering clothing in different sizes for almost everyone.

Is the Sims folder secure?

Downloading mods and CC is perfectly safe. The creators will not include any malware or viruses in their downloads. Creators create game content out of a genuine passion for The Sims, but many publish their downloads on websites with pop-ups.

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