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Ah, the 1980s. Has the pop culture of another decade already been revived in the same way?

Whether it’s fashion, hairdressing or music, everyone – especially young people – seems to devour anything they can find.

The stars of yesteryear are being discovered by a whole new generation of fans. And there are more TV shows in the 80s than in any other era. No matter where you look, you’ll find something.

I am by no means immune to this phenomenon. In fact, I understand it completely. The 1980s were a turning point in the world, when people all over the world had more opportunities than ever to express themselves.

And, boy, the results were interesting.

So it’s certainly not surprising that so many Simmers have brought so much 80s content into the game.

Who knew you could feel nostalgia for a moment you never had?

1. hair as cold as ice

Cool as Ice Hair CC for The Sims 4

Refer to this CC

The creator of Cooper322 has found the perfect balance between the 80s and this half-up hairstyle.

It’s mostly retro, especially with the hair ties, but not so dated that it’s super.

You can still use it for modern sims who are in for modern trends, decadent challenges or things of that nature.

To put it simply, this hair is really cute. I love it.

I can’t be the only one who was probably born after the ’80s, but still grew up stealing them, right? I don’t think they ever went out of style for many people, they just weren’t produced anymore.

Fortunately, that will never be a problem for your Sims.

2. vintage jacket

Vintage Jacket CC for The Sims 4

Refer to this CC

Only one word comes to mind: cool.

In fact, I have been trying to find such a coat for years, and not for me.

I guess all the other frugal people beat me to it.

However, your sim can choose from six retro rad patterns by designer Alexaar. It’s one of the ones I honestly use for almost every woman I make.

Because everyone looks good in a vintage jacket.

3. The Riot Mini Pack of the 1980s

80’s Riot Mini Pack - TS4 CC

Refer to this CC

As in any other decade, the 1980s saw a wide variety of styles.

They had puppies in polo shirts and khakis.

They had glamorous rockers with animal prints and leather pants.

And then you had one of the most enduring styles of all time, punk.

This package from the creator of Simduction contains everything you need to make up your Sim, including high heels, bright, vibrant face paint, and of course the epitome of 80s fashion: legs.

4. 80s style sports equipment

80’s Style Athletic Outfit - TS4 CC

Refer to this CC

The sportswear of the 1980s is iconic in its own way.

This is the time when aerobics became a major topic. And apparently, they needed colorful sneakers and leggings.

This may sound strange, but I actually like it.

If I could get away with an outfit like Teamsimfox, I certainly would.

Your Sim is sure to be the most stylish at the gym or on the treadmill, wearing blue and pink bathing suits and showing off all the other Sims in t-shirts and running shorts. Blech!

5. rhiannon hair

Rhiannon Hairdo 1980s Style - Sims 4 CC

Refer to this CC

I’ve downloaded a lot of QC hair in my time.

The breath of my poor laptop when I start the game will confirm it.

But this is one of the most beautiful hairstyles I’ve ever seen, with my arms down. In fact, they are angelic.

The game often lacks wavy and curly hair, which is kind of a necessity if you’re trying to create a simulation of the 1980s.

It is perfectly textured and works as a “big” hairstyle characteristic of that time, when sales of hairspray were undoubtedly at an all-time high.

6. The pillow of the 1980s

80’s Throw Pillow CC - Sims 4

Refer to this CC

Once I get rid of my hair and clothes for a while, I want to start something new: Throwing pillows. Ha!

Could you get a couch in the ’80s that didn’t have at least three pillows?

If the images I saw are any indication, the answer is no. And that’s a good thing.

The creator of “Suspicously-pinkladdy” has blessed us with 25 beautiful retro wave patterns covered in triangular pastel stripes to meet all your “Blast from the Past” decorating needs.

7. posters from the 1980s

80’s Posters and Wall Art - TS4 CC

Refer to this CC

No matter what time of day, no matter what age, people want posters.

Is it any wonder that the ’80s were such a great time for posters, given all the cult classics and iconic songs that came out during that time?

Madeofcc covers all the basics here and gives us the chance to line our Sims’ walls with our favorites.

Some of the movies I like are The Breakfast Club, Michael Jackson and Sixteen Candles. But there are many, many more.

If you have a favorite local movie or musician, he’s probably here.

8. arcade games

Arcade Machines From The 1980s - TS4 CC

Refer to this CC

If television has taught me anything, it’s that arcades are the place to go back in the day.

Well, upgrade your Sims and bring them to the arcade!

Even though these cars are purely decorative, your little Sim will always be the most awesome in town if he has a wall of them in his basement.

9. mini kit from the 1980s

Mini 80’s CC Set for The Sims 4

Refer to this CC

Do you have at least three pieces of art or neon furniture in your Sima home?

If you said no, this is the set for you!

Converting the Sims 3 from Sevthe to Sims 4, we get a neon wall hanging and a set of tables and chairs, all in the same blue/pink color scheme that is so popular in this list.

To complete the retro interior Sim, there are two other murals that just make sense.

A picture of a brave woman lying on her stomach, with an abundance of pink and purple ….tones. It fits so well, though I don’t know why.

10. Huge glasses from the 1980s

80’s Oversized Glasses CC - Sims 4

Refer to this CC

We all know that everything was big in the ’80s. The hair. The movies. Babies.

Glasses are no exception.

These reasonable and noble points that we have at stake are sometimes not enough.

If retro is your thing, get these oversized glasses from the creator of CC SometimesHere.

Young or old, or somewhere in between, there is a model here for your sim.

11. Dress from the 80s

80’s Dress CAS CC - Sims 4

Refer to this CC

Here are some more of those bright and fun (in the good sense of the word) 80s designs we all love, this time on a chic dress by CC’s designer, someone – Els.

Look at those pictures of house parties, like in the movies, where no one has their parents with them.

Am I the only one who already has a whole pop rock soundtrack in his head?

I think it’s the perfect dress for a party. A fun, very cool cut and some patterns that might be a little too bold for everyday use. You can’t go wrong with shoes and accessories either.

That’s crazy, your sim probably wouldn’….t remember him anyway unless he’s on a Polaroid that their kids will find thirty years from now.

12. dresses of the time

Vintage Dresses 1980s Style - TS4 CC

Refer to this CC

Because, as with many trends from the 80’s that we hold dear, everyone saw pictures from that era and thought, “What the hell are they wearing?

Yes, that’s what we have here.

It is not an insult in any way. The creator of Jolibin has done an incredible job. Creating a CC, let alone a transformation, is far beyond my abilities. And these dresses are beautiful.

But the chatter, the pointed collars and the huge hip belt were so shiny, so bright that I had to smile.

I’m pretty sure Blanche wore all four of them in Golden Girls.

13. hooded sweatshirt with pastel motifs

Pastel Patterns Sweatshirt - TS4 CC

Refer to this CC

You can’t have a list of 80 without a sweater. That’s just not true.

It’s the closest thing to the big colored sweaters I’ve ever dreamed of. And I think they’re pretty good.

Simmer Otepelk painted a simple play sweater with eight pastel-colored and very busy patterns.

I’m going to use it as the equivalent of an 80s boyfriend dress, but it would also look great as casual wear!

14. Wrap clothes from the 80s

Rewind 80’s Clothes CC Set - The Sims 4

Refer to this CC

Finally came the denim vests and unbuttoned shirts.

Although most of the CCs I found are more for girls, menswear can’t be ignored. And this set by Saartje77 gives it the attention it deserves.

There is a wide selection of options and models to fit any aesthetic.

And let’s face it, it’s all about aesthetics.

The vests are actually my favorite part. It takes a certain type of person – or Sim – to wear a denim vest with nothing underneath, and that’s the kind of confidence I want to give my Sims.

15. Total of the 1980s.

Totally 80’s Pose Pack for The Sims 4

Refer to this CC

If you’ve outfitted your Sim with the 80s accessories mentioned above, you can give her an 80s-style photo session!

Yes, there is an entire Poser package made specifically for this, delicate stuff.

If that doesn’t indicate love in this decade, I don’t know what does.

Can you imagine a better day’s work for your Sim than immortalizing those fashion mistakes and admiring the photos?

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