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With only a few weeks to go before season 13, I decided to gather information on everything we know about the upcoming season. This information comes mainly from TWAB and tweets from developers. If I missed anything, please let me know!


  • Reverie Dawn from Dream City and Dreambane from Luna are being re-released, meaning they will be available with stronger caps.
  • Four weapons from each destination are also reissued.
  • This weapon consists of…
    Vigil, insomnia, bail and history of the Dream City, and apostasy, heresy, blasphemy and harbinger of the moon.
  • These weapons and armor are for sale in the City of Dreams and its Moon Churches, among other places: A broken throne for the former and a chasm of heresy for the latter.
  • Weapons dropped from the dungeon can be launched with exclusive bonuses, and armor dropped from the dungeon will drop with higher stats. The prophecy will only fall into the pit of the Dungeon of Heresy on the Moon.
  • The last Heresy Pit dungeon vault on the moon will no longer drop the armor of a master. Instead, there will be a Dreambane armor with 7 energy, higher stats, and at least +16 in two different stats.
  • The four sectors lost on the moon are given the Legendary and Master variants, as are the sectors lost on Europa and the Spaceport.
  • I will miss these lost areas like a headless chicken when they come out, so I give up and find a guide.

(Source: TWAB 1/14/2021)

  • Three new exotic armors will make their appearance, which can be won in legendary areas and workshops.

(Source: Destiny 2 Dev Update – Rewards)

Playlist Shares

  • Six new weapons will be available in Strikes, Crucible and Gambit modes, with two new weapons in each mode.
  • This weapon will be dropped alongside Xenoclast IV, Stars in Shadow and Crowd Pleaser from Season of the Hunt.
  • Nightfalls receives three additional weapons sold exclusively in Nightfalls, namely Palindrome
    , Shadow Priceand Swarm from Destiny 1.
  • Custom versions of these exclusive Nightfall weapons will be available in Grandmaster Nightfall.
  • Two new representatives have been added, Fallen S.A.B.E.R. and Devil’s Lair.

(Source: Destiny 2 Dev Update – Rewards)

  • Treasure coins are destroyed and replaced with a new progression system that allows you to see and claim Shaxx rewards instead of dropping 200 coins and praying for one last decent dance.
  • The rewards you earn will be much more reliable – for example, your first Valor reboot of each season will reward you with a guaranteed Ascendant shine.
  • This progression system will also apply to Gambit, but not yet to the Strikes – the Strikes will be revamped next season.

(Source: TWAB 1/14/2021)

  • Trial Osiris will receive new armor, accessories, and weapons in Season 13 that are not based on D1 equipment. (This is from the old TWAB, so it’s probably not true yet. Game development is full of pitfalls. Developing the game in a pandemic environment is incredibly difficult).

(Source: TWAB 5/7/2020)


  • Most of the hunting season will be available in seasons 13 and 4. Historical Missions, Knight Hunts, the Ritual Weapon Worship Tour, the Raven Sellers on the Tangled Coastal Shield, the Month of the Falcon quest and the Harbinger activity, and the Seals and Guardians seasonal title.
  • Raven’s Bounty, Field Messages (transfers can be requested from the Debris Office), Season Artifact, and Season Pass will all be removed from the game starting in season 13.
  • Since the hunting season was not originally designed for a full year, minor deviations may occur. For example, Raven will be in two places at once next season – staying at Putin Shore for Rathborne’s company while staying at a new location.
  • The presence of crows in two places at the same time is certainly not a ploy by Savathûn to make us question everything and become increasingly paranoid. Ayat.
  • Umbral Engrams will be back after starting in season 11.
  • They can be earned more quickly through the new season’s activities, as well as by doing almost anything from patrolling to exotic tasks and blind wells.
  • Umbral engravings are a special type of legend engraving that can be focused to reduce the hail they cause.
  • A new kiosk called Prismatic Recaster allows you to focus on umbral prints, but you still need to use an umbral decoder to open them.
  • It’s unclear if Drifter’s favorite garbage truck of the season will be back.
  • In season 13, you can reclaim some titles like Dredgen, Flawless, Invincible and Conqueror to turn them into gold.

(Source: TWAB 1/21/2020)

All Elsa

  • DDoS protection for all console users arrives in Season 13.

(Source: Destiny 2 Dev Update – Rewards)

  • Deputy Director of Game Joe Blackburn will release State of Doom 2 in 2021 to discuss the game’s direction and Bungie’s plans for the future.

(Source: Joe Blackburn’s Twitter)

Things that probably won’t happen in season 13.

  • Glassafe (soon to be 4th year)
  • Cross-Game (from 2021)

Things that definitely won’t be in season 13.

  • Transmog (season 14 coming up)

(Source for the final three: Destiny 2 Dev Update – Rewards)

That’s all I remember! I hope this presentation has been informative and please let me know if I missed anything. I tried to rely on as much information from Bungie as possible, but if something doesn’t come up in season 13, don’t use this list to blame the developers. Constructive criticism is good, but not if it degenerates into perfidy. Developers are people too.

I hope you all have a great day!

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