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Thornbridge Manor is a tricky place in Hitman 3. You’ll find out after completing a mission in Dubai in which you must kill high-level targets Carl Ingram and Marcus Stuyvesan. There are several ways to kill them, such as making Carl Ingram play golf, or for Marcus there are options such as pushing him off the balcony by finding a replacement bodyguard or electrocuting him. You can also make both appointments at the same time by designating a false appointment. After this mission, Agent 47 travels to Dartmoor, England, to kill his next big target, Alexa Carlisle, and obtain the Dartmoor dossier.

Agent 47 is investigating Zachary’s death in the house as a private investigator. So you enter and find the detective’s disguise outside the mansion. The house has a lot of locked rooms, mysterious switches and such. And to open them, you need keys. The best of these is the master key to Thornbridge Manor, which opens every room in the house. In this guide to placing keys in Hitman 3 Thornbridge Manor, you will find the location of each key and information on how to obtain them.

Thornbridge Manor key locations

There are five keys in the mansion, and to get them, you have to find five different targets. Each target throws a key into the corresponding room. See the list below. To get the key, you have to control each target and hide their skeletons in the closet. It’s better not to kill them, or you’ll lose HP. You have much less time to master each one individually, grab the keys and change disguises to keep playing.

  1. The key to Mr. Fernby’s office: Mr. Fernsby.
  2.  The master key of the manor: In Mr. Fernsby’s office.
  3. The key to Rebecca’s room: Rebecca Carlisle.
  4. The key to the greenhouse: Emma Carlisle.
  5. The key to Emma and Gregory’s room: Gregory Carlisle.

Where do I find the key to Mr. Fernby’s office?

After you talk to Alexa Carlisle, follow Mr. Fernby to Zachary’s room. You can restrain him by going up the ladder and hiding his body in a chest to the left of the ladder. Get the key to his office.

Where can I find the runner of Thornbridge Manor?

Get the key to Mr. Franby’s office, go inside and follow the floor plan to his desk. Open the door and turn to the shelf. The master key to Thornbridge Manor is on the shelf. Collect the key and you can use it to open almost any door in the house.

Where can I find the key to Rebecca’s room?

On level 0, follow the map to find Rebecca. You see her go to another room, and the maid does her work in the lobby. To get the key, you have to master both the right and the goal. Use the room to dress the maid first and hide her in the closet at the end of the entrance hall, opposite the balcony. Do the same for Rebecca, flip a coin and she comes looking. Humiliate her, hide her body and take the key.

Where can I find the key to the greenhouse?

Go to the canteen and you’ll find Emma, next to where you found Rebecca. She’s alone, overpower her and you’ll get the key to the greenhouse. You also get the poisonous flower, an indication of death in the house.

Where can I find the key to Emma and Gregory’s room?

Wait for Gregory. He’ll be in the same room reading the paper. But he is not alone, there are always two guards with him. Go to the lobby and flip a coin to get rid of the guards. Overpower them, and eventually defeat Gregory to get the key to the room and collect all the evidence.

You now have the five keys to Thornbridge Manor in Hitman 3. Collect them to open other rooms in the mansion. If you’re still playing in a villa in Dubai, we have a few more guides for you. For example, the guide to safety codes and the location of the buttons on the helicopter will help you a lot.

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