A SIM Ejector Tool Helps in Removing The Headband of AirPods Max

Even if a particular device has been on the market for a long time, there is still a lot to discover over time. This is the beauty of technology and the main reason why most technological devices are updated or reintroduced in a new avatar almost every year. You can also discover something new about a product that hasn’t been updated in a while, if you spend a lot of time on it and are sufficiently observant.

It was recently discovered that the AirPods Max headband can be removed with a simple SIM ejector. The discovery of this particular mechanism also brought to light the possibility of changing the band to obtain a different or different coloration.

Last year, in December, MacRumors published a report informing readers that interchangeable earphones can be used to achieve up to twenty-five different color combinations. This review was written and published after it was revealed that the ear pads are magnetic and can be sold separately. Max AirPods seem to have a much more modular design than you might think.

The repair company iFixit, known for its electronic repairs, disassembled the Max AirPods last December. After following this process, they wrote a report stating that it was possible to remove the headband from the Max AirPods without tearing the earphones. Just remove the magnetic pads, fold them flat, take a SIM card ejector and insert it into the small hole above the speaker.

Once removed, you will see two spokes on each side of the headband. Next to the spokes is a small connector used to transfer power and computer data between the two helmets. It is interesting to note that the connector looks a lot like the Lightning connector. It looks like users can swap out the headbands from different AirPods Max devices to get a custom color scheme.

Before the launch of AirPods Max, many people thought they wouldn’t have interchangeable earphones. It is also believed that the AirPods Max will have a customizable system with interchangeable headphones and headbands. At this stage, it should be noted that this particular mechanism has also been used in Apple Watch bracelets.

Evans Hankey, Apple’s vice president of industrial design, said the company has designed numerous prototypes for AirPods Max over a long period of time. In October, Bloomberg published a report predicting that the global technology giant would abandon the idea of an interchangeable headband to speed up the manufacturing process. The prediction, as we know, has proven true.

This suggests that this particular system is consistent with the modular approach Apple used to design the AirPods Max. This hidden feature was probably installed during the repair and is not intended for regular use.

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