Interstellar Spacecraft, Photon 137

Research consisting of the development of an Interstellar Spacecraft, force field and artificial gravity for the astronauts.

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The Chipanator

The Chipanator, the ONLY way to eat chips! Allows eating of chips, cookies, and other snacks without getting your hand stuck in the pesky can! Music: ”Son of a Rocket” by Kevin MacLeod (, used with permission.

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The Thermal Glove

An invention created by Peter Squassi that heats hands on a cold winter day, or can melt objects.

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Fantastic Floatables

I am a slightly handicapped senior citizen who spent four years developing and improving and marketing this product. I have done it ALL by myself. The research, testing, procuring samples, designing dies and templates, product developement, packaging, website and design, videos and marketing was all done by myself. I have had no schooling in any of these areas, I learned as it was neccessary. Marketing has been the hardest nut to crack. I financed this with my own money, but now am on my last few dollars. The feedback from those who have purchased from me has been fantastic, but I am having difficulty in getting the word out about my products on a large scale. Need help!

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Bring your tables to life with your very own GlassWraps designed and created for your personal style and theme! Everyone will remember your event with their souvenir GlassWraps leaving them toasting to you for years to come.

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